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3 Job Specific Vehicles You Should Rent, Not Buy

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For those in the construction, transport and storage industries, there are often quite a few work specific vehicles that you will require throughout your professional life. It can be tempting to bite the bullet and buy these vehicles under the guise that buying them outright will be cheaper than paying to rent them time after time. However, what this does not take into account is the amount of times these vehicles will be updated over time, which means you will always have access to newer versions while renting. If you decide to buy one outright, you will be stuck with that model forever, which can be frustrating for something you don't use very often.

1. Float Hire

Floats are a fairly common hire item for many farmers and people invested in the racing industry alike. While horses don't often have to move large distances, when they do, you certainly cannot transport them any other way than a float. Float hire gives you access to the latest and greatest floats that have padded trailers with ample space and heavy-duty ramps that make it easy to load and unload the horses. Due to the low frequency of use and the relative cheapness of float hire compared to other vehicles, it is always better to rent rather than buy.

2. Crane Hire 

Cranes are an essential part of many construction projects but often complete their job relatively quickly, meaning purchasing a crane as a construction business would mostly be a waste of resources. Instead, it is easier to factor into the cost of a crane hire into your budget for any construction project and not worry about where and how to use a crane that is wasting away in your warehouse. To add on to that, many construction companies already have truck cranes that can complete many of the jobs you would use a regular crane for but at a much cheaper cost, meaning you only need a crane for the biggest jobs on the site. 

3. Shipping Containers

While their namesake implies something that is only used in shipping, in fact, shipping containers are often used as cheap storage. They can be used offsite as well as onsite and are very heavy-duty, meaning you do not have to worry about scratching or denting them while loading equipment and supplies. They are best rented because they take up a lot of space when not in use and their low overhead means you can use them for months at a time and not come close to their upfront cost.