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Modern Features of Bulldozers Used During Road Construction

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Road construction is very different from other construction projects because of the wide range of processes involved. When you're building a road, you need powerful machines that can get down and dirty. From digging the road's foundation to moving earth away from the site, you need machines that can operate in multiple environments.

Bulldozers are a must-have for any road construction project. In fact, newer bulldozer models are made with advanced features that make your work easier on the construction site. Here are four modern features you should look for in a bulldozer used for road construction.

High-performance engines

Engine performance has always been a top concern for bulldozer operators. You need an engine that doesn't overheat, is durable and can maximise on fuel economy.

Newer bulldozers are designed with advanced engine cooling mechanisms that prevent overheating. They contain exhaust gas recirculation technologies that are capable of creating a cooled environment even during harsh operation conditions. With the engine being cool, it will be capable of higher performance levels on the worksite.

Newer bulldozer engines are also capable of automatically adjusting their transmission and engine speeds (RPM) to maximise performance. They respond to the weight of the load the machine is moving so as to prepare the engine for what lies ahead.

More advanced transmission systems

When moving earth in preparation for road construction, the bulldozer speed should match the movement and speed of the load itself. Mismatched speeds will often cause momentum issues, where the machine ends up being stuck or hauling earth in unintended directions.

Luckily, newer bulldozers come with more effective transmission systems that give you more control when matching the ground speed to the speed of your load. This hydrostatic transmission system allows you to adjust the machine power in accordance to how much earth should be moved. No more getting stuck in a pile of sand and rocks.

Reinvented cabin for greater control

Newer bulldozers also create a more comfortable and effective environment for operators. Older models often had visibility challenges and limitations in the available features. Most newer bulldozers have raised cabins that give you more visibility of the front blade and excavating tools.

The cabin itself also serves as the central control unit for the machine. These cabins often feature internal hydraulic controls, keyless entry systems and other core functional components. By having these controls within easy access of the cabin, operators have more flexibility during construction work.

Easier maintenance

Maintenance duty is one of those things people love to hate. Newer bulldozers are quite easy to maintain, with all core parts being within easy reach. In fact, some machines have their batteries, filters and fill tubes within easy reach of the main engine housing. With such a convenient design, maintenance is a breeze.

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