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3 Benefits of Hiring Mini Excavators

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If earthmoving is the next part of your construction project, then you may need to hire suitable equipment to do this job. Earthmoving machinery comes in a bewildering range of types and sizes but, if you're short on space, a mini excavator may tick all your boxes. What are the advantages of hiring a smaller excavator from an earthmoving equipment hire company?

1. Manoeuvrability

While regular sized excavators work great on large construction projects, they don't always work so well on smaller jobs. If you have site access restrictions, don't have a lot of room on site or are working in tight spaces, then a mini excavator may be more suitable for your needs.

These machines do the same job as larger ones, they just have a smaller overall footprint. This makes them easier to drive and operate in small spaces. Their smaller size is also useful if you need to do some precision work where a larger machine may lack the necessary finesse.

2. Operation

You'll typically find it easier to drive and operate a mini excavator than a full-sized machine. Large excavators can be heavy and hard to handle. You may have a steep learning curve as you get used to manoeuvring and controlling them.

On the other hand, mini excavators usually have controls that are easy to master. Their light weight and small size make them easy and more comfortable to drive and operate.

3. Versatility

Although mini excavators can't move large volumes as earth as quickly as larger machines, they are still extremely effective. They can usually do everything a large excavator can do just in a smaller way.

For example, a mini excavator can swing just like a regular sized excavator, so you can make the same manoeuvres and do the same jobs. You can also hire a full range of excavator attachments to do other jobs as well as moving earth.

For example, you can hire mini excavator augurs to help you drill holes, hammers to break up rocks, trencher attachments to dig out trenches and compactors to compact earth after you've moved or replaced it.

If you think a mini excavator might be the best fit for your earthmoving needs but you aren't quite sure yet, then contact your construction equipment hire company. They can talk you through the benefits of using smaller excavators and show you some models in different sizes, so you can choose one that suits your site.