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Common Hydraulic Issues with Compact Excavators

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One of the fundamental equipment that a small construction business should acquire when starting out is the compact excavator. The high preference among construction business owners is attributed to the facts that compact excavators are small and cheaper compared to conventional excavators that are bigger. However, this does not mean that the compact excavator requires less maintenance compared to the bigger machines. In fact, the small size of compact excavators is an indicator that that acute care must be undertaken to keep its fragile parts in good working condition. This article provides information on maintenance issues concerning a compact excavator. 

Hydraulic Oil Change -- Much like engine oil, hydraulic oil breaks down with time and loses its viscosity. Due to the small size of a compact excavator, the hydraulic system is put under a lot of strain. Therefore, to ensure that your machine stays in good working condition, the hydraulic oil should  frequently be checked. Most manufacturers suggest that you should change the hydraulic oil after every 2000 to 4000 hours of use. Most importantly, the hydraulic oil change should be done according to manufacturer guidelines.

Improper Hose Routing -- As hydraulic systems grow in sophistication so does the size of the equipment, which affects p the hoses. However, since compact excavators are small by design, hose layout matters a great deal concerning efficiency. To demonstrate the aspect, raise the hood of your excavator and take a close look at the hoses. You should see banks of pipes exiting and enter the hydraulic system from all directions. Due to the small space within a compact excavator's hydraulic system, make sure that you eliminate choke points by avoiding right-angled hoses as much as possible. The hoses should have curves at the bends, so that flow of oil and other essential fluid is not affected. Additionally, smooth curves on tubes increase the durability of the pipes and entire hydraulic system

Oil Temperature -- Due to the small size of a compact excavator, most people believe that they do not produce a lot of heat that can affect operations significantly. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Depending on the amount of work as well as the environmental conditions the machine is working in, the oil in the hydraulic system of the compact excavator can get high. Therefore, make sure that the oil you are using in the hydraulic system can withstand the combined temperatures of the machine and that of the surrounding environment.