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A Simple Guide to Help You Hire a Forklift

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Whenever you need to move heavy loads and objects in places such as a warehouse, a storage facility or construction site, a forklift truck is probably one of the very first tools you will consider hiring. However, the forklift trucks come in various styles and types, which can make it difficult to decide which one works greatest for your situation. Here is a simple guide you can use to find out which forklift truck hire will work best for your context.

Industrial Reach Forklifts

The industrial reach forklifts have been specially crafted for use in places such as industries with a very high storage pallet racking. The forklifts come with an extended lift height which enables them to reach the pallet racking. The industrial reach forklifts come in two types, which include the stand-up trucks as well as the double-deep trucks. The stand-up trucks are used in instances where there requires a single load per bay. The two forks in front of the truck are used to slide under the palletised loads allowing lifting and transportation. The double-deep trucks, on the other hand, are similar to the stand-up forklifts only that they have longer sized forks. They are used in areas which have multiple pallet loads stored in individual bays. The long forks are also used to offer stability as well as ease of access when it comes to the various loads.   

Industrial Counterbalance Forklifts

These types of forklifts are used in indoor warehouses and stores. They can also be used outdoors as long as the surface is even and stable. They operate straightforwardly with two forks used in the lifting of the loads. The most famous model in this category is the three-wheel design which delivers better manoeuvrability in narrow aisles.

Rough Terrain Forklifts

When looking to lift loads on treacherous terrains, then this type of forklifts is what you should go for. They are ideal for outside construction in places where the ground unevenly levelled. The trucks come along with inflatable tyres which have thicker threads that increase stability. They also power a powerful engine which can offer greater speeds and manoeuvrability. Some rough terrain forklifts can handle as much as 3 tonnes in one load. The trucks also come with a well-calibrated counterbalance which is used in preventing instances of overbalance. Such trucks can be operated in mud and even snowy conditions.

Pedestrian Operated Pallet Trucks

Unlike the other forklifts, the Pedestrian Operated Pallet trucks are designed to be worked manually and not mechanically by a person. They are common in storage facilities as well as warehouses as they offer simple transportation of pallets. They all come with forks which slide beneath the pallet. After the loading, a hydraulic jack is used to lift the pallets off the ground offering easy manoeuvrability.