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Selection Guide for Construction Crane Equipment

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When it comes to the lifting of heavy construction materials, nothing is more suitable for the job than crane equipment. If you need to hire a crane for your particular construction job, you need to be aware that not all cranes are built equal. Therefore, you will need to know how to go about the crane selection process to make sure you hire the right equipment for your job.

In order to ensure you rent a crane that fits the bill, consider the following factors.

Maximum weight of your loads

Every type of crane has a maximum lifting capacity that must never be exceeded. Exceeding the lifting capacity of the equipment could lead to operational failures and put operators and those working near or around the equipment at risk of being harmed. For that reason, you should not hire a crane without first determining the maximum weight of the loads you will need to lift and move. You might not be able to find a crane whose lifting capacity exactly matches the weight of the loads you will need to lift, so it makes good sense to choose equipment with a slightly higher capacity.

Desired reach

Cranes are used to vertically lift heavy loads, with the equipment positioned at right angles to the loads. Not all cranes are able to elevate loads up to the same height. Therefore, you should be sure to find out the maximum height the crane you will need should reach. Taking into account machine specs like crane hook and hoist height will ensure you select a product that matches your height requirements. 

Power options

Like many other types of heavy construction equipment, cranes can be operated using various power sources. Modern cranes can be electric, fuel powered or hydraulic. Your choice of an appropriate crane type will be based upon various factors, including the availability of power, the environment in which the lifting job will be performed and other job-specific considerations.

Maintenance demands

How long a particular type of crane can operate without requiring maintenance or service can impact the decision on whether or not it is the best fit for your construction job. If you are working on a tight time schedule and can't afford the time to frequently stop operations just to attend to your lifting equipment, you should consider hiring a crane that can operate for long hours without needing maintenance.

With that said, the staff at a trusted crane rental company can always help you select the best equipment for your particular construction job, so feel free to consult them if need be.