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How to Determine If a Home Demolition Is the Right Choice

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Demolishing a home is not something that many homeowners do in the course of their lifetime, but it can be the better choice than buying a new home if you love the area you're in, or trying to renovate and remodel the home you have. If you're considering demolition but aren't sure if it's the right choice for you, note a few tips that can help you to decide, and then discuss this option with a demolition contractor.

1. Mold and asbestos

Mold and asbestos are very hazardous to your health and you should carefully consider living in a home with either; breathing in mold spores or asbestos fibers is associated with a number of serious health hazards, including certain forms of cancer. Cleaning up mold and asbestos can be very expensive, and you may also wonder if either substance has spread to an area of the home that you might overlook in the cleanup process. If mold or asbestos is extensive in your home, you might consider simply demolishing it altogether rather than facing the expense of a cleanup job and the risk that some of it might be overlooked and still present a hazard.

2. Energy efficiency

In some homes, you might be able to do a few simple changes to make it more energy efficient, such as adding new insulation or new windows. However, in other homes, there may a list of reasons why it's using too much energy; there may be cracks in the walls and roof that are allowing out heat and air conditioning, leaks in the plumbing pipes that are allowing for water leaks, and so on. It may cost you as much or even more to address all those problems as it does to demolish the house and build a new one with more energy-efficient choices.

3. Continuous damage

In some cases, a home may be suffering continuous damage because it was simply poorly built and constructed, or because of its age. Very old homes that weren't built with strong, solid beams may continuously shift as poor-quality wood frames expand and contract with age, so that walls and ceilings suffer cracks. A home built with a very poor quality foundation may see continuous leaks and floods in the basement. The cost of trying to correct all these problems might be just as much as the cost of demolishing the home and building a new one with better construction methods and stronger, more solid materials.

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