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Top Benefits of Using Scissor Lifts for Your Construction Job

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Sometimes, all you need to get a construction job done the right way is proper access equipment. There are lots of access equipment available for hire on the market today ranging from boom lifts and scissor lifts to cherrypickers and scaffolds, to man lifts and vertical masts, etc.

If your particular construction project involves working at height, there are plenty of benefits associated with using scissor lifts. Here are just but a few crucial reasons why you should hire these access equipment.

Operational flexibility

Accessing difficult-to-reach heights requires use of equipment that is remarkably flexible. Different models of scissor lifts differ in terms of platform size, base size, and distance of vertical travel. They can be used to lift loads of different sizes, depending on specific job-related requirements. Some equipment models even come with turntables to allow for the rotation of loads and tilters to facilitate tilting of loads from the platform. What this means is that you are at liberty to select an equipment model that is best suited for the intended working environment. In turn, you will be able to reach virtually every height you need to work at, and carry everything you need to work with you.


If you need to lift more than one or two construction workers up to a certain height without compromising on their safety, it is best to hire scissor lifts. Unlike vertical masts and man lifts, which are usually designed to carry only a few people up to a particular height, larger models of scissor lifts can simultaneously accommodate many workers on their platforms just like scaffolding without running the risk of getting anyone hurt. The crisscrossing foundation of a scissor lift provides the support required to keep the platform stable as the weight of the load it is carrying is lifted higher. This will ensure users remain safe.

Saves time

Access equipment like scaffolding will need to be erected before use and disassembled after use. This may require a lot of labour time, which can be better-utilised to fast track project completion. Once you hire a mobile or motionless scissor lift, you won't have to worry about installing it at the work site. Scissor lifts are designed to be used immediately they are delivered at your construction site. All you have to do is to ensure that the equipment operators have undergone training required to use the equipment safely and efficiently.

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