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Buying Used Heavy Load Trucks—What to Look Out For

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Similar to several industrial machines, heavy-load trucks are expensive equipment that not every company can afford to buy new. For a company seeking to increase its working fleet, or avail such trucks for hire to third parties, buying used trucks would be a cheaper alternative. There is a large market for used heavy-load trucks. If the company makes a wise purchase, they could end up with a great piece of equipment that offers a high return on their investment. Before spending money on used heavy-load trucks, it is important to look at some essential components of the trucks to find out if it is worth it. The following three things will mainly determine whether you carelessly threw money away on the trucks or whether you have found a diamond in the rubble.    

Hydraulic system

Most of these trucks primarily function using a hydraulic system. A busted hydraulic system can render such trucks useless and may be a deal breaker. Hydraulic systems can incur you much more costs to repair than anticipated. First check the hydraulic system for leaks and visible cracks. You should then operate the system to ascertain functionality and reach. Also, ask for the previous maintenance records and see how recently the truck was last checked for hydraulic problems. A meticulous inspection of the hydraulic system should reveal any discernible flaws. Together with an experienced mechanic, you can then determine whether the investment is worth it based on the state of the hydraulic system.

Availability and state of safety equipment

All jurisdictions have rules that dictate what safety equipment needs to be used with these trucks. You should know which of the equipment is required with the particular trucks you intend to purchase, and how much they would cost should you need to purchase them separately. Crane trucks, for instance, have safety harnesses, vehicle outriggers, and multiple crane controls, among other safety features. The absence of the equipment should be noted before purchasing the trucks. If the trucks have the equipment available, you should also find out if they will require repair and what the cost would be. 

Particular use

There are many heavy-load trucks available in the market for different uses. Some are particularly fitted for a specific use, while others enjoy the ability to be modified for various uses. When buying heavy-load trucks, the best approach is to buy those specified for a particular use. Before opting to modify the trucks for various uses other than what was specified, you should clearly know whether the chassis or boom will be able to handle or even should be utilized in this new modified way.