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Five Benefits of Hiring a Rigger Through a Labour Company

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If you need a rigger on your work site, you can hire one yourself, or you can contact a rigger hire company and let the company find the workers you need. Wondering what the advantages of working with a labour company are? Here's a quick look at some of the benefits when you are trying to hire a rigger.

1. Multiple options to meet your changing needs

If you hire a permanent rigger to work for you, you enjoy the consistency of getting to know and train one employee. However, if you have multiple jobs that you need the rigger to handle, it may be better to work with a labour company. That way, you can hire a rigger who also has a welding certificate or a rigger who's skilled in reading blueprints or whatever you need when you need it.

2. Compatible pairs of workers

In some cases, you may need to hire both a rigger and someone to operate a crane. These two professionals need to communicate with each other, and in most cases, experienced riggers and crane operators have training on how to do this professionally using industry-established hand signals. However, it can also help if you get a pair of labourers who have worked together in the past. If you work with a labour company, you can request to have its headhunters find you a team with great rapport.

3. Personal safety equipment

In some cases, when you hire a rigger through a staffing company, the rigger may bring his own safety equipment. This is particularly true when it comes to personal safety equipment such as fall harnesses. In addition, in some cases, these professionals may even bring all of their own rigging gear to use as they assemble, reinforce and dismantle scaffolding for various projects.

4. Optimal level of training

When you work with a labour hire company, you can also ask the headhunter to hone in on riggers with the level of training your project needs. To illustrate, if you have a beginner or intermediate level task that needs to be done, you can hire someone at that level rather than a more experienced rigger who may get bored. Conversely, if you have a complicated project, you can have the staffing company send you a novice, rather than an expert.

5. References in order

Finally, when you work with a rigger hire company, the headhunters ensure all of the documents you need are in order. They check the worker's licence, police clearance, white card and other details so you can focus on other aspects of your business.